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The roof protects your structure’s interior from moisture and weather, helps maintain a comfortable indoor environment, and determines the amount of heating and cooling you pay.

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We are a full-service industrial roofing business based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, that proudly serves clients throughout the HRM. From emergency flat roof repairs to entire flat roof replacements, we’ve established ourselves as one of Halifax’s most dependable industrial and commercial flat roofing contractors.
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We have received professional training in a variety of flat roofing methods. For your security, we have complete insurance coverage, and your roof comes with a craftsmanship and manufacturer’s guarantee.
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Flat roofs are incredibly cost-effective since they waste very little space. Because the rooms beneath flat roofs don’t have sloping ceilings, the area above the roof may be used. Flat roofing comes in a variety of styles, each with its own set of advantages for property owners. Whether its commercial properties, or residential roofs, the team at Elite Roofing Halifax can help implement the right roofing systems for your needs.

Flat Roofing Companies Halifax
Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roof Installation

It takes experts to install and replace a commercial roof with different materials on a huge roof as the process involves extensive use of different materials. This task has been handled by Elite Roofing Halifax competently. The certified roofers on our team have always matched our customers’ expectations, whether it be installing flat roofs or skylights.


What is the advantage and disadvantage of flat roof?

The most apparent benefit of flat roofs is cost: materials are less expensive because they don’t need as much “curb appeal,” labour is less expensive since there is less danger in constructing them, and these roofs are easier and faster to build, resulting in less overall labour. 

How long do flat roofs last?

Depending on the materials used, a properly maintained flat roof can survive for decades. Up to 20 years might be expected from a built-up roof or modified bitumen layers. The longevity of lightweight thermoplastic polyolefin or spray-on polyurethane foam, acrylic, or silicon coatings is comparable. 

When should I replace my flat roof?

A- There is a lot of water pooling. Pooling is the most serious problem with flat roofs.

B- The material and/or seams have large rips and tears. Flat roofs are prone to rips and holes in the roofing material over time.

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Regardless of your requirements, we provide items and services that are important for providing you and your family with a structurally sound, warm, and dry roof. Elite Roofing Halifax is able to provide roofing materials that are exceptional for all tasks requiring quality workmanship, whether your roof is in need of minor repairs or a complete replacement. Elite Roofing Halifax have been recognized as Halifax’s best commercial roof contractor because we really strive for quality and excellence. Our expert and knowledgeable roofing experts are well-equipped to install and fix roofs, as well as replace those that have been damaged or perforated. Call us today for all your roofing needs and we will be at your service.


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